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Chris Brinker

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CB's Story

Chris Brinker a passionate film producer and director, is the inspiration behind his namesake foundation. Chris, or “CB” as his friends and family called him, cultivated a legacy as a filmmaker who exemplified perseverance, benevolence, and integrity. He taught those around him to dream big and pursue their dream, something that CBFF continues to encourage in young artists. 


Chris grew up in San Diego and graduated from Point Loma High School in 1988. There he enrolled in a film appreciation and musical theater studies program taught by Larry Zeiger. Chris graduated from California State University, Los Angeles, with a degree in film. While a student, CB worked at a nightclub where he met the future director and creator of The Boondock Saints franchise.  

In college, Chris interned for Llyod Segan, who also became his mentor. Segan later commented that “in those days and every day thereafter, diligence and fortitude were his ethos. CB took on the most difficult assignments” and worked long hours to learn about the business at each opportunity. In the early nineties, Chris collaborated in producing several award-winning short films. His work and reputation earned him a position in the development division of New Line Cinema.

In 1997, Chris founded his production company called CB Productions, Inc. That same year he sold a story to Paramount Pictures that landed him a two-picture deal. He also sold the screenplay of The Boondock Saints to Miramax in a bidding war that produced the film the next year. The Boondock Saints became an instant cult classic. Chris created and operated a film-related merchandising company that reached a social network of over 6 million active users. The franchise developed interactive games, mobile apps, musical soundtracks, comic books, graphic novels, and general merchandise related to entertainment properties.

Young and eager, Chris grew to become a trusted business partner and shrewd producer. He grew to have projects in development or distribution at almost every major studio. He produced several other films: Borough of Kings, Lonely Street, and Boondock Saints II, and directed his last film Whiskey Bay. Chris also developed many projects with promising writers, executives, and studios (Expiration Date, Cindy Crawford Wants To Bone Me, Baby Proof, Winchester, and Whiskey Bay). 

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Bad Country (aka Whiskey Bay) was Chris’ directorial debuted but, unfortunately, his final project. Inspired by a true story, the film is a suspenseful crime drama set in Louisiana during the 1980s. It tells the story of a spirited cop who enlists a racist turn-informant to infiltrate an organized crime ring. The film stars Matt Dillon, Willem Dafoe, Tom Berenger, Amy Smart, Neal McDonough, Kevin Chapman, Chris Marquette, and Bill Duke. CB personified a passion for film until his death in 2013 while shooting final edits in post-production for Whiskey Bay. His loving and loyal crew and production team carried out CB’s creative vision, and Bad Country was successfully completed and released in 2014 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Chris Brinker was an ambitious filmmaker with many admired virtues: perseverance, passion, optimism, and benevolence. His legacy will endure as promising filmmakers and artists pursue their dreams with support from CBFF, which provides scholarships to students at Point Loma High School wishing to study filmmaking or related arts in college.

Video Tribute

Fellow filmmakers and actors collaborated to produce this short film about Chris Brinker with humorous anecdotes and testimonials about his talents, integrity, and character.


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