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Our Mission:

The Chris Brinker Film Foundation strives to provide college scholarships to students from Point Loma High School wishing to pursue a career in filmmaking or the related arts. 

Chris Binker’s love for movies started in middle school, and while he originally wanted to be an actor, he quickly realized he would rather be behind the camera. Throughout his career, he kept his ties to Point-Loma, where he grew up, bringing actors and filmmakers to festivals and giving presentations to inspire students to pursue careers in the film industry.

CB was a hardworking entrepreneur with a childlike passion for filmmaking. In his last movie, CB collaborated with his San Diego and Los Angeles friends, as well as his family, bringing people from every aspect of his life together.


CB always spoke about wanting to utilize his talents and accomplishments to give back to the Point-Loma community and help young aspiring filmmakers to pursue their dreams. When he passed away, his family wanted to fulfill his dream and help the community benefit from what he was able to accomplish in his short lifetime. So, they recruited many of Chris’s friends from the industry–filmmakers, producers, actors–and together, they established the Chris Brinker (CB) Film Foundation: a charity in his name that would be focused on giving back to students from Point-Loma High School wishing to pursue a career in filmmaking or the related arts by awarding them a college scholarship.


Continuing in the spirit of giving back to the community, the newly founded Chris Brinker (CB) Film Foundation utilized Chris’s friendships with people from the San Diego International Film Festival to set up an award in his name that would recognize independent filmmakers, such as he once was, in the hopes to put their names on a board and help them rise in their own careers.


Ultimately, the goal of this foundation is to aid individuals that want to join the film industry. The charity aims to be what Chris once embodied: a place of friendship where talent, creativity, and passion for the art of filmmaking is celebrated.

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